Creating a Database and Tablespace

Run the following scripts provided with EA to create the DB2 database and tablespace. Open the[Enterprise Analyzer_Installation_Directory]\DB2 Scripts folder:

  1. Double-click [Enterprise Analyzer_Installation_Directory]\DB2 Scripts\crtmwdb.cmd to create the database.
  2. Open [Enterprise Analyzer_Installation_Directory]\DB2 Scripts\crttblspace.cmd in an editor. Replace [ADMINISTRATOR_USER_ NAME] and [PASSWORD] with the user name and password of a user with administrative privileges for the database. Save and close the file.
  3. Double-click [Enterprise Analyzer_Installation_Directory]\DB2 Scripts\crttblspace.bat to create the tablespace.

Modify the database (mwdb), buffer pool (mwbp), and tablespace (mwtblsp) names (optional). Modify the names in any scripts that reference them.

Note: The tablespace page size must be 32K. To improve the performance (optional) specify a second tablespace for use in storing database indexes. Users specify both tablespaces when they create an EA workspace. For instructions on how to create a workspace, see Getting Started in the EA documentation set.