Refreshing the Workspace Path

The folder in which you plan to create workspaces must be shared with team members. It’s usually more convenient to share the folder before you create workspaces, but you can do it afterward if necessary, then refresh the workspace path as described below. You can also use the refresh path feature when you move a workspace.

Note: For instructions on how to share a workspace folder, see the installation guide for your product.
  1. Click Start > All Programs > Micro Focus > Enterprise Analyzer > Enterprise Analyzer Administration. The Administration window opens.
  2. Click Administer > Refresh Workspace Path. The Select workspace dialog opens.
  3. Select the workspace (.rwp file) you want to refresh and click Open. The Workspace directory network path dialog opens. The Workspace directory network path dialog opens.
  4. In the Workspace directory network path dialog, enter the path of the workspace in the text field. The path must be of the form \machine_name\share_name\workspace_folder_name, where machine_name is the name of the machine where the shared folder resides, share_name is the value of the Share name field on the Sharing tab of the Properties dialog for the shared folder, and workspace_folder_name is the name of the folder for the workspace.
    Note: The shared folder is the folder that contains the .rwp file for the workspace, not the workspace folder. The workspace folder (containing support files and subfolders for EA output) resides on the same level as the .rwp file.
  5. Click OK.