Opening a Workspace

The procedure for opening a workspace is the same whether you created the workspace or simply connected to it. You can also open a workspace by double-clicking it in the file system. You don’t have to close a workspace before opening another workspace.

  1. Choose Start > All Programs > Micro Focus > Enterprise Analyzer. The Open Existing workspace dialog opens above the Enterprise Analyzer main window.
    Note: If Enterprise Analyzer is already open, choose File > Open Workspace.
  2. Click the tab you want to work in:
    • In the Existing tab, choose the drive and folder for the workspace you want to open. A list of workspaces in the selected folder is displayed in the righthand pane. Double-click the workspace you want to open, or select it and click OK.

    • In the Recent tab, double-click the recently opened workspace you want to open, or select it and click OK.
    Note: If you created the workspace in a previous release of Enterprise Analyzer, the system prompts you to upgrade the workspace to the new release. Click Yes.
    The workspace is displayed in the Enterprise Analyzer window. If a workspace was already open in the window, the selected workspace replaces it.