Setting General Options

Use the General tab of the Workspace Options window to specify the description of the workspace displayed in the Object Information pane, the attributes displayed in the Repository pane Search tab, and the browser fetch buffer size.
  1. Choose Options > Workspace Options. The Workspace Options window opens. Click the General tab.
  2. In the Workspace description field, enter a description of your workspace. This description is shown in the Object Information pane.
  3. In Repository Browser (Search), check the boxes for the object attributes that should be displayed in the Search tab of the Repository pane. Click Select All to check all the attributes.
    Note: Only attributes in the repository model for an object are displayed. That is, if you choose Cyclomatic Complexity, and only JCL files appear in the Search tab results list, the attribute will not be displayed in the list, because Cyclomatic Complexity is not an attribute of a JCL file.
  4. In the Browser Fetch Buffer Size field, enter the size of the buffer Enterprise Analyzer uses to populate the repository tree. When you expand a node in the Repository Browser, Enterprise Analyzer populates the display from a buffer that contains the objects last fetched from the repository. For very large repositories, you may want to lower the buffer size so that you can work with objects in the Repository Browser while the product performs subsequent fetches.