Viewing Object Properties

The properties of an object describe its characteristics: its language, complexity metrics, relationships, and the like. Select an object in the Repository pane and choose View > Properties to display a set of tabs with object properties. The table below describes the tabs in the Properties window.

Note: In other EA tools, use the right-click menu or the View menu to display the properties of the selected object.
Tab Description
Description Displays comments you have entered for the object.
General Displays the name and other general information for the object.
Internal Displays verification option settings and other internal information for the object.
System Displays system information for the object.
Statistic Displays the complexity metrics for the object and their values.
Relationships Displays the relationships of the object. Only the first relationship level is shown but if you want to explore a particular branch you can do it by double-clicking the object. Select Restricted to the current project to restrict relationships to those in the current project. Select Workspace wide to show all the relationships of the object in the workspace.
Object Tags Displays the tags assigned to the object.