Understanding the Tag Manager Window

Use the Tag Manager to create and assign tags to objects, and create relationships between tags. To open the Tag Manager, click Analyze > Tag Manager.

The figure below shows the Tag Manager window. The Objects List pane shows repository objects and their tags. Your selections in the other Tag Manager panes filter the objects displayed in the Objects List pane.

By default, all Tag Manager panes are displayed. Select the appropriate choice in the View menu to hide a pane. Select the choice again to show the pane.

Note: When you launch a query based on All Types selection in the Object Types pane, a dialog opens prompting that you are about to run a long running query and asking if you want to proceed. This message appears only when the query is likely to run for more than a few seconds. If you choose not to run it, the Object List's header turns red to indicate that the displayed information does not match the query.