Setting Generate Copybooks Options

For RPG or AS/400 Cobol application that use copy statements to reference Database Description or Device Description files, or MCP Cobol applications that use copy statement to reference DMSII DASDL files, use the Generate Copybooks tab of the Project Options window to specify how the system converts the files to physical copybooks.
  1. Choose Options > Project Options. The Project Options window opens. Click the Generate Copybooks tab.
  2. For Cobol MCP only, select Generate After Successful Verification if you want to generate target copybooks automatically on verification of DMSII DASDL files.
  3. Select Convert Target Copybooks to Legacy Objects if you want to convert target copybooks automatically to physical copybooks when they are generated, then select:
    • Assign Converted Files to the Current Project if you want the system to create physical copybooks in the current project.
    • Keep Old Legacy Objects if you want the system not to overwrite existing physical copybooks, or Replace Old Legacy Objects if you want the system to overwrite existing physical copybooks.
    • Remove Target Copybooks After Successful Conversion if you want the system to remove target copybooks from the current project after physical copybooks are generated.