Errors Pane

The Errors pane of the Verification Report window displays the errors and warning for the project, sorted by the Files Affected column. Click to display the errors for the project. Click to display the warnings for the project. The buttons are toggles. Click the buttons again to hide errors or warnings.

Click an error or warning to display the affected files in the Files Affected pane and to highlight each instance of offending code in the Source pane. Mark an error or warning to mark the affected files in the Files Affected pane. The table below describes the columns in the Errors pane.

Column Description
Severity The severity of the error or warning.
Number The error or warning number.
Count The number of occurrences of errors or warnings of this type in the project.
Files Affected The number of files affected by the error or warning.
Sample Text The text of the error or warning message. If there are multiple occurrences of the error or warning, and the text of the message differs among occurrences, then the text of a sample occurrence.