Setting Executive Report Options

Use the Report > Executive Report tab of the Project Options window to specify the entities included in executive reports, and the functions the report performs. Generally, the fewer entities and functions you choose, the better report generation performance you can expect. You should especially consider not reporting on:

  • Detail for code anomalies. Leave Generate Details unchecked.
  • Data stores. Leave data store entities unchecked.
  • Relationships, if you do not need cross-reference information. Leave Relationships unchecked.
  1. Choose Options > Project Options. The Project Options window opens. Click the Report tab, then the Executive Report tab.
  2. Click Functionality, then select each report function you want to enable. For the Application Summary function, click Select Metrics. In the Application Summary (Averages) window, select Application Summary (Averages) to enable the function, then choose each metric you want to include in the report.
  3. Select each type of entity you want to include in the report. To edit the attributes included in the report for the entity type, click Attributes. In the Attributes window, select each attribute of the selected entity type to include in the report.