Setting Orphan Analysis Options

Use the Report > Orphan Analysis tab of the Project Options window to specify the search filter for an Orphan Analysis report.

  1. Choose Options > Project Options. The Project Options window opens. Click the Report tab, then the Orphan Analysis tab.
  2. In the Startup pane, click Select Startup Types. The Startup dialog opens.
  3. In the Startup dialog, set up a search filter for the startup objects in the orphan analysis. You can filter on entity type, entity name, or both:
    • To filter on entity type, place a check next to the entity type you want to search for in the Roots pane.
    • To filter on entity name, place a check next to a recognized matching pattern in the Like pane, the Unlike pane, or both. Add patterns as necessary. You can use wildcard patterns allowed in LIKE statements by Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  4. When you are satisfied with your choices in the Startup dialog, click OK.
  5. In the Find pane, define the terms of the search by selecting the appropriate choice in the Relationships to Checked Startups drop-down, the Relationships to Unchecked Startups drop-down, or both.
  6. In the Entities pane, click Displayed Types. The Entities dialog opens. In the Entities dialog, place a check next to each type of entity to include in the report. When you are satisfied with your choices in the Entities dialog, click OK.