Understanding the Orphan Analysis Window

Use the Orphan Analysis tool to determine whether an object exists in the reference tree for a top-level program object. To open the Orphan Analysis tool window, select a project in the Repository Browser and choose Prepare > Orphan Analysis.

Project options on the Report > Orphan Analysis tab specify the search filter for the report. To refresh the report after modifying the options, choose Orphans > Refresh in the Orphan Analysis window. To generate the report in HTML, choose File > Save Report As.

Note: The Filter, Startup, and Find panes let you use hyperlinks to set up and apply the Orphan Analysis search filter. Use these panes instead of the options window if you prefer.

The figure below shows the Orphan Analysis window. By default, all Orphan Analysis panes are displayed. Select the appropriate choice in the View menu to hide a pane. Select the choice again to show the pane.