Using the rep and hc Tags

Use the <rep> tag to represent the API call in the object model repository. Use the <hc> tag and the <attr> subtag to represent the construct model (HyperCode) attributes of entities defined in the call.

You can use predefined or custom patterns to specify the relationship of interest. Expressions let you extract parameter values and context information for use in specifications of entity or relationship characteristics.

Use the case statement to produce relationships between programs. When a Legacy.xml value resolves to "__fail__" in a case statement, the relationship will not be produced. For example:
<progname switch-var='%fname'> 
  <case eq='LINKDATA' value='%pname' type='Calls' params='%3'/> 
  <case eq='LINK' value='%pname' type='Calls' params='%3'/> 
  <case eq='READQTS' value='__fail__' type='__fail__'/>  
will not produce a relationship for 'READQTS'