Generating a Diagram for the Selected Project

Follow the instructions below to generate a relationship flow diagram for the selected project. You can exclude related workspace objects that are not in the project, colorize project boundaries, and show incomplete relationship chains. You can use tags to “black-box” objects in the diagram.

Note: The Browser pane and project drop-down list in Diagrammer will use the same project filter from the main window when Diagrammer is opened. Any changes made to the project selection or project filter in the main window after Diagrammer is opened will not be reflected in Diagrammer.
  1. Chose the type of the diagram - Project Based or Entity Based.
  2. Select a Project from the drop-down list.
  3. In the Scope drop-down, choose the scope of the diagram.
  4. Select a Group By criterion from the drop-down list.
  5. On the Diagram pane tool bar, choose the layout style for the diagram.
  6. In the Project drop-down or Browser pane, select the project.
  7. Click Build Diagram on the Diagrammer tool bar. The diagram is displayed.