Generating a Diagram for Objects Copied and Pasted onto the Canvas

Follow the instructions below to generate a relationship flow diagram for objects copied and pasted onto the canvas. In this mode, you can expand the diagram one level at a time and add objects to an existing diagram. You can exclude related workspace objects that are not in the project, colorize project boundaries, and show incomplete relationship chains. You can use tags to “black-box” objects in the diagram.

  1. In the Scope drop-down, choose the scope of the diagram.
  2. On the Diagram pane tool bar, choose the layout style for the diagram.
  3. In the Browser pane, select the startup objects for the diagram, then press CTRL-C to copy them onto the clipboard.
    Note: Make sure to select startup objects in the diagram’s intended scope. Most scopes include logical objects rather than source files.
  4. To show the entire relationship flow for the selected objects, choose View > Auto Expand. Turn off Auto Expand if you want to expand the diagram one level at a time after it is drawn. Only immediate relationships of the selected objects are drawn initially.
  5. Click in the Diagram pane, then choose Diagram > Paste or press CTRL-V to paste the objects onto the Diagrammer canvas.
  6. Repeat the preceding step for each object whose relationships you want to add to the diagram. The diagram is automatically redrawn.