Understanding the Batch Application Viewer Window

Use the Batch Application Viewer to determine if batch jobs are dependent on one another, the programs that use a data store, and the flow of data into or out of a data store. To open Batch Application Viewer, select a project in the Repository Browser and choose Analyze > Batch Application.

The Batch Application Viewer window displays job, procedure, and data set views of the batch application. Your selection in the current view, displayed in the lefthand pane, filters the objects displayed in the other two views. Click the appropriate tab at the bottom of the window to make a view current. To generate a report for the current view in HTML, choose File > Report.

Use the Search button and adjacent field on the toolbar to perform a standard Interactive Analysis search of the current view. In any view or diagram, select an object and click Interactive Analysis at the bottom of the window to view the object in Interactive Analysis.

You can hide a view by clicking the close box in the top right corner of the pane. Select the appropriate choice in the View menu To show the view again, .

The figure below shows the Batch Application Viewer window.