Generating Batch Application Diagrams

Batch application diagrams show the relationships between jobs, programs or procedures, and data stores. The diagram uses Enterprise Analyzer common diagramming features.
  1. In the current view, mark the objects you want to diagram.
  2. In the Diagram menu, choose the relationships you want to view in the diagram:
    • Job Dependencies shows dependencies between jobs. Jobs are regarded as dependent if one writes to a dataset and the other reads from the same dataset.
    • Data Set Usage shows interactions with datasets.
    • JCL Procedures Usage shows interactions with procedures.
    • Program Usage shows interactions with programs.
    Note: The menu choice is grayed out with a check mark beside it if the relationship must be displayed in the diagram. You can also set these choices after you display the diagram.
  3. Click Diagram at the bottom of the Batch Application Viewer window.
The diagram is displayed in the Diagram View.