Setting Batch Application Viewer Options

Use the Batch Application Viewer tab of the Workspace Options window to specify the color-coding used for relationship lines in batch application diagrams. Diagram objects are color-coded based on the color scheme in the Diagrams User Preferences.
  1. Choose Options > Workspace Options. The Workspace Options window opens. Click the Batch Application Viewer tab.
  2. In the Diagram Relations pane, click the relationship type whose color you want to specify, then specify the color in the Edge Color drop-down.
  3. To display user names in a diagram, select User Names.
  4. In the Node Limit combo box, enter the maximum number of diagram nodes you want to display. You might restrict the number of nodes to improve performance or make the diagram easier to read. You can also use the slider on the Node Limit tool bar to adjust the number of displayed nodes.
    Note: All children of a parent node are displayed even if some of them exceed the specified maximum.