Setting Change Analyzer Options

To specify the default depth of synonym and impact trace processing and the amount of information to display:
  1. Click Options > Project Options. The Project Options window opens. Click the Change Analyzer tab.
    Note: You can also set the Change Analyzer from the Change Analyzer window . To do so, select Tools > Analysis Options.
  2. In the Synonyms pane, specify the depth of synonym and impact trace processing in the Default Depth combo box. In this pane you can also select to use file descriptors in the analysis, use cross-program analysis and/or if you want to have a cross-program analysis warning before starting the analysis. When the Check for variables that write to synonym option is checked, the analysis traces both variables that use the synonym and variables that affect the synonym. If it is unselected, the analysis traces only the variables that use the synonym. Note that unselecting the Use Cross-Program Analysis, Use File Descriptors in Analysis and Check for variables that write to synonym options increases the analysis performance.
  3. In the Affected Code Report pane, specify in the Neighborhood Size combo box the number of lines of unaffected code you want the Affected Code report to display above and below the line of affected code. (The line of affected code is displayed in bold in the report.) Select Show unused datanames if you want the report to include unused data fields.