Executing the Batch Refresh Process

The BRP Configurator creates a runBRP.bat file and saves it to the location specified in the BRP Install Path configuration option. Executing this batch file will start a BRP run.

The batch file executes the runBRP.exe executable file with appropriate parameters. The command format is as follows:

runBRP.exe <INI file> <log file>

where INI file is the path to the BRP initialization file and log file is a path to the main BRP log file.

Note: The workspace is locked while BRP runs. It cannot be accessed by users. In the event of BRP failure, you can unlock the workspace by choosing Administer > Unlock Workspace in the Administration tool.

A full BRP run will produce several detailed log files in addition to the main BRP log. These detail files will always be written to the Reports folder. The main BRP log also is written to the Reports folder by default.

Note: Running multiple BRP processes simultaneously on the same workspace is not supported.