Setting Structure-Based Type-Specific Options

The table below describes the Component Maker structure-based type-specific extraction options.

Option Language Description
Dynamic Call COBOL Generate in the complement a dynamic call to the component. The complement will call a string variable that must later be set outside the complement to the name of the component.
Ensure Consistent Access to External Resources COBOL Monitor the integrity of data flow in the ranges you are extracting. If you select this option, for example, an extraction will fail if an SQL cursor used in the component is open in the complement.
Range Only COBOL Do not generate a complement. You must set this option to generate parameterized slices.
Restrict User Ranges to PERFORMed Ones COBOL Do not extract paragraphs that do not have a corresponding PERFORM statement. This option is useful if you want to limit components created with the Paragraph Pair or Section methods to PERFORMed paragraphs.
Suppress Errors COBOL Perform a "relaxed extraction," in which errors that would ordinarily cause the extraction to fail are ignored, and comments describing the errors are added to the component source. This option is useful when you want to review extraction errors in component source.