Generating an Impact Trace

The Interactive Analysis Impact pane displays a hierarchical view and diagram of an impact trace. Both views show the flow of data to or from a startup item.

  1. In the Interactive Analysis Source or Context pane, select the construct that contains the startup item or items and choose View > Impact. The Impact pane opens.
  2. Choose:
    • Impact > Backward Analysis to view the flow of data into the startup items.
    • Impact > Forward Analysis to view the flow of data out of the startup items.
    Note: Once a trace is generated, click the * or * buttons on the tool bar to reverse the direction of the trace.
  3. Choose:
    • Impact > Detailed Analysis to generate the entire tree for a trace.
    • Impact > Consolidated Analysis to generate a consolidated tree that displays only the ports and leaf nodes traversed in the trace. Only the subtrees for ports are displayed.
    Interactive Analysis displays the trace results. Click the plus sign (+) next to an item to expand its hierarchy. Click the minus sign (-) to collapse the hierarchy.
  4. Click the Diagrammatic View tab to display the impact trace in a diagram.
  5. Select an item in the trace and repeat the procedure to start a trace for that item. The new trace is displayed below the previous trace.
  6. To delete a trace, select its startup item and choose Impact > Remove Root. To clear the pane, choose Impact > Remove All.