Using the Flowchart Pane

The Flowchart pane displays a diagram that shows the flow of control between statements in a Cobol paragraph or PL/I procedure, or between steps in a job or JCL procedure. The label of the box representing an item in the flow contains the text of the item.

PERFORM statements are displayed with a blue label. GO TO, RETURN, and STOP RUN statements are displayed with a red label. Conditions or conditional statement are displayed in boxes with a green background. Captions along relationship lines show the conditions or blocks that determine the flow. Select a statement or condition to navigate to it in the Source and Context panes.

Job step relationships are collapsed in a group. Double-click the maximize button for the group to expand the relationships. Double-click the minimize button for the group to collapse the relationships.

Options control grouping of same-level statements and whether business names are displayed. The toolbar at the top of the pane displays icons used in the main Diagrammer window. For Diagrammer usage, see Analyzing Projects in the product documentation set.

Flowchart Pane