Validating Rule Segments after Refreshing or Editing Code

Refreshing or editing source code may result in a mismatch between a rule and its segment. Lines of code may have been added or deleted during the refresh or edit, causing a rule to no longer to be synchronized with the segment after reverification.

BRM automatically handles invalidated segments based on your instructions in the Business Rule Manager > Automatic Rule Validation tab of the Project options window. Use the procedure below when you need to override the specified handling for a rule.

  1. Select the rules you want to validate and choose Rules > Validate. You are prompted to continue. Click Yes. The Automatic Rule Validation dialog opens.
  2. In the Actions for invalid segments pane, select:
    • Leave segment, set Valid to false if you want BRM to keep the invalid segment with the rule, but set the Segment Validity attribute of the rule to Invalid.
    • Delete segment, set Valid to true if you want BRM to delete the invalid segment from the rule and set the Segment Validity attribute of the rule to Valid.
    • Try to match if you want BRM to resynchronize the segment with the rule.
  3. Place a check mark next to Collapse spaces in strings if you have added spaces to strings in segments and want BRM to ignore the spaces.
  4. Click OK.
When the validation process is complete, a dialog box displays the number of validated rules. Click OK. The Segment Validity attribute for the rules is updated.