Getting Started with the EA Jenkins Plugin

  1. Ensure that the Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer Web Service is running with the Logon User set to your Windows user.
  2. Install Jenkins with the default settings on your local machine:
  3. Go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Advanced > Upload Plugin. Select the EAJenkinsPlugin.hpi from the EA installation \Bin directory.

  4. Go to Home Page > New Item > Create Freestyle Project.
  5. Go to Project Configuration.

  6. Go to the Build section and choose Enterprise Analyzer.

  7. Now you can add a valid address and test the connection. If there are configured workspaces, they will be loaded. Otherwise, this can be done either from the REST API or from Administrator > Configure Web Service in EA Administration.

  8. Now you can start the build. If the build fails, you will see report results like the following:

    Note: There are three links on the sidebar:
    1. Opens EA Web for the selected workspace.
    2. Shows summary page with additional information.
    3. Shows the report itself