Installing EA on the Server or Client

The EA Server hosts EA workspace files and related support files. EA Clients host the link files used to connect to workspaces on the server. Follow the instructions in this section to install EA on the client or server. The Micro Focus License Manager is packaged with the installation.

Note: Having the EA server and the database on separate machines could improve performance. The installation program is the same for the EA client and EA server.
  1. Double-click EnterpriseAnalyzer.exe. Note that there might be a version number in the name of the .exe file.
  2. Change the installation directory if not installing to the default location.
  3. Select which optional installs you want to include:
    • Microsoft SQL Server - Express Edition
    • Web Client
    • Micro Focus MFA
    • Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer Administration Tool (needed for server, not really needed for client).
  4. Read the End User License Agreement and check I agree to the End User License Agreement.
  5. Click Install.