Perform IMS Analysis. IMS Analysis determines the types of database operation (insert, read, update, or delete) IMS programs perform, and lists in the browser each of the database segments or screens the operations are performed on.


IMS Analysis LogFile Workspace [WorkspaceWide] [Project] [Notify] [Drop] [LaunchHHC] [StopHHC] [Wait]
Required Parameters Description


Output log file generated when the batch script is executed.


Workspace file (.rwp).

Optional Parameters Description
WorkspaceWide Whether to perform IMS Analysis across the workspace, Yes or No. Default is Yes.
Project If WorkspaceWide is set to No, project to perform IMS Analysis for.


Notification file.

Oracle Only Parameters Description


Whether to drop repository indexes. Specify:

  • Auto, to let the script determine whether to drop repository indexes based on the number of files to be processed.
  • Yes, to drop repository indexes.
  • No, to not drop repository indexes.

Dropping repository indexes generally improves performance when a large number of files need to be processed. Dropped indexes are restored when processing is complete. Default is No.


Whether to launch the Queue Processor, Yes or No. Launching the Queue Processor generally improves performance. Default is No.


Whether to stop the Queue Processor(s) when processing is complete, Yes or No.


Whether to wait until the Queue Processor(s) queue is empty. Specify:

  • Yes, to wait indefinitely.
  • No, to not wait.
  • The number of seconds to wait for the count on the queue to change. If the count does not change within the specified time, BRP resumes. Sixty minutes is recommended. 0 means no timeout.