Generate an Affected Code Report in MS Word format. The report shows code that would be impacted by changing a data item's definition or usage. The data item is called a seed field.


AffectedCodeReport LogFile Workspace Model SearchPattern CriterionName [Accumulate] 
Required Parameters Description


Output log file generated when the batch script is executed.


Workspace file (.rwp).


Interactive Analysis model for the listed source files. Some of the commonly used model types are: COBOL, JAVAFILE, JCL, NATURAL, PLI. For more information, see Define Potential Code Anomalies.

SearchPattern Search criterion for the seed field.
CriterionName Name of the search criterion for the seed field.
ListName Name of the list. It can be [WS.User].Change Analyzer.Working or [WS.User].Change Analyzer.Affected, where [WS.User] is the name of the system where the Affected Code Report is created.
aCategoryName Name of the category. For now it can only be Change Analyzer.
outPutPath Output Directory. If it is left blank, the report will be displayed instead of being saved to a file.
Optional Parameters Description


Whether to append the results to existing results, True or False. Default is False.