Executing Batch Scripts

Use the Batch Refresh and Verification (Brave) utility to execute batch scripts. Brave.exe is located in [Enterprise Analyzer_Installation_Directory]\Bin.

The batch scripts usually have at least three base parameters. They have to be in this order:
<batch script> <log file> <workspace>
where batch script is the name of the script to run (.bj file), log file is the path to the main BRP log file and workspace is the name of the workspace.
Important: The second parameter after the batch file is always the log file that is written to by the Brave utility to show the progress that has been made. If this parameter is omitted, then the workspace file is treated as a log file and will be corrupted. A new workspace connection has to be built if this happens.
Note: The parameters of the batch job are case-sensitive. If the wrong case is used, an error occurs.

The examples in this section illustrate how to run the scripts with Brave.exe. The examples can be adapted for use programmatically or in a batch file.