Differences between EA Analyst Client and EA Developer Client

Enterprise Analyzer Analyst Client provides tools for building and maintaining enterprise class repositories, as well as tools for application and program level understanding, utilizing extensive metrics, reports, diagrammatic views and querying tools to support various business initiatives.

Enterprise Analyzer Developer Client provides developers or anyone wishing to consume application knowledge with a simple-to-use web interface that lets them search, query and extract information from a centrally-maintained enterprise repository.

The following table outlines the key differences between the two Enterprise Analyzer clients.
Note: This does not reference any tools required to build and maintain a repository as these are provided with both client tools.
Capability Analyst Client Developer Client
Intended target audience for each client type Business Analyst Developer
Client interface Windows-based GUI Web Interface
System Level Objects and Metrics
Search Assistant
Reference reports
Diagrammer (project)
Diagrammer (object)
CRUD Report (project)
CRUD Report (object based)
Complexity metrics
Syntactical Analysis
Code Search
Source pane with navigation
Program Control Flow
Portability Assessment reports
Quality Assessment reports
Advanced Analysis Options
Field level data dependencies
Change Analyzer (full)
Change Analyzer (single data item)
Impact pane
Execution Path Analysis