Creating a Schema

Set up a DB2 schema for each repository you plan to create. Run the following scripts provided with EA to create a schema. In the [Enterprise Analyzer_Installation_Directory]\DB2 Scripts folder:

  1. Open crtschema.cmd in an editor. Replace [ADMINISTRATOR_USER_ NAME] and [PASSWORD] with the user name and password of a user with administrative privileges for the database. Replace each instance of [SCHEMA_NAME] with the name of the schema and [USER_NAME] with the database user name. Save and close the file.
  2. Double-click crtschema.bat to create the schema.

Repeat these steps for each schema you need to create.

Each EA user who accesses a repository must supply credentials for a database user with appropriate access privileges to the schema. These credentials are typically those for the Windows domain user. The table below shows the required privileges.

Type Privilege
Database Privileges


Schema Privileges


Tablespace Privileges USE OF