Reverifying Files in IMS Applications

If you reverify a root program, the JCL or System Definition file that maps the program to a PSB will be invalidated. If you reverify non-root programs, all call chains leading to them will be analyzed and any JCLs or System Definition files that start corresponding root programs will be invalidated. Make sure to reverify invalidated files.

Conversely, if you change a program-to-PSB mapping inside a JCL or System Definition file, or change the PSB file itself, make sure to reverify the mapped program before reverifying the JCL or System Definition file.

When you rerun IMS Analysis, it will process all complete call chains, starting from all reverified JCLs and System Definition files. You can limit the number of root programs that are re-analyzed in subsequent runs of IMS calls analysis by setting up System Definition files so that they reference one transaction pcf only.

Note: If you rerun IMS Analysis without changing anything in the project, it will end with the warning “No information to perform IMS Analysis.” If you receive this message on the first run of IMS Analysis, make sure that all JCLs, System Definition files, and corresponding root programs have been verified, and that you have a call chain from root to every IMS-relevant program in the project (check for the strings “+IMSC” or “+IMSE” in the Environment attribute on the System tab of the properties for the program).