Data Flow Pane

For the variable selected in the Data View pane, the Data Flow pane displays a diagram that traces its incoming and outgoing data flows up to a dataport, an I/O statement or call to or from another program. The selected variable is displayed in red, constants in gray, and dataports in blue.

Note: Make sure you have enabled incoming and/or outgoing data flows appropriately in the Global Data Flow project options.

Two diagram views are available:

Click the tab for the view you want to display.

Select a dataport and choose Data Flow > Reconstruct to display the data flow diagram for the variable identified at the dataport. Select a relationship line to display all the statements that determine the data flow between variables in the Origin pane.

Place your cursor over a variable for a moment to display a tool tip that identifies the memory offset and allocation for the variable. The diagram uses Enterprise Analyzer common diagramming features.