Lists Pane

The Lists pane displays the lists for the project. The number in parentheses after the list name indicates the number of fields the list contains for the selected program. Each list is displayed in a separate tab in the lists pane.

There is a default list called Starting point that is displayed in the Lists pane when you start Change Analyzer. You can create as many lists as you need and move items from one list to another to suit your specific needs for analyzing your changes.

Click each list to view its contents. Select a field to navigate to its declaration in the Source pane.

The table below describes the columns in the Lists pane. You can filter a column by clicking an item in the drop-down for the column.

Tip: The Comment column is especially useful for filtering lists. You can put your own comments in it that will help you in your working process.
Column Description
Name The name of the field.
Length The length of the field.
Value The value of the field.
Picture The format of the field.
Normalized Picture The normalized picture of the field.
Comment The comment for the field.
Program File The program in which the field is used.
File The source file that contains the declaration for the field.