Monitor Region

To locate this screen

  1. In the Tree pane under SEE Administration, select Regions, and select a region monitor.
  2. In the Actions pane, select Monitor.


Use this screen to view the operating statistics of a running region.

Active tasks
The current number of active tasks.
Left pane task display
Lists details of the running tasks.
Max tasks
The maximum number of tasks the region is configured to run.
Max active tasks
The maximum number of tasks that have run at once during the current session.
Monitor Host
A list containing all hosts running event monitors for the selected region. Select a host or All.
Next tasks id
The id of the task scheduled to run next.
Region start time
The time the region started.
Region stop time
The time that the region was last stopped.
Right pane task display
Lists further details of the task selected in the left pane.
Click this to update the display.