Using seepubsub from the Command Line

seepubsub can be run from the command line using the following syntax:

where the options are:

-i Install as a Windows service
-u Uninstall Windows service
-interval: Seconds to wait between attempts to subscribe to unavailable regions
-nobanner Do not display the banner at startup
-quiet Display minimal output
-verbose Display events as they are received

If URL and exit-program are not specified, seepubsub will look in its application configuration file (seepubsub.exe.config) for a list of subscriptions, including their URLs, exit programs, and options. This is the normal operating mode.

Alternatively, you can specify a single subscription on the command line, using the URL and exit-program parameters.

The URL parameter is a URL in the form "mfbinp://host:port", pointing to an MFBINP channel for an Enterprise Server for .NET region. If the URL parameter is supplied, the name of the exit program must also be specified on the command line. Along with them you can specify the following subscriber options:
-description: Provide a description of this subscriber
-durable Archive the events if the connection is lost
-filter: Control what events are received (overrides filter set by exit program)
-nounsubscribe Do not unsubscribe when the process exits. Useful with -durable and -subscriberid
-subscriberid: Set the subscriber ID. With -durable, this can be used to recover events even if the process is restarted