Job Submission Sequence

This is the basic sequence of events that is followed when a job is submitted into a JES batch region.

  1. The JCL job is submitted to the listener on the MFBINP port associated with the target region from one of the following tools:
    1. Cassub.exe
    2. The administration GUI
    3. A scheduler using the public API interfaces
  2. The listener receives the job and sends it to the dispatcher.
  3. The dispatcher queues the submission request.
  4. Either the dispatcher tells a SEP to retrieve the job or a SEP picks up the request automatically if it is busy.

    The SEP parses the job doing all the prerequisite checks.

  5. If the job is successfully parsed, the job is queued for execution.
  6. The listener is sent the appropriate good or bad response which is returned to the client.
  7. The event monitor is notified that a job is ready for execution.

At this point the submission process is complete.