Input and Output Temporary Files

MFFTP reads the input stream and creates a control file. It then invokes the appropriate FTP program, passes the control commands to it and redirects the output to a file, which is then parsed. These input and output files are created in the default data directory and are removed at the end of the task.

The naming conventions for these temporary input and output files are:

ftp.jxxxxxxx.snnn.ip and ftp.jxxxxxxx.snnn.op


This mechanism enables concurrent execution of multiple instances of MFFTP. The file names of the temporary files are unique because of the use of the job number and step number.

To override the location of these temporary files, set the environment variable MFFTP_TEMP_DIR.

To use the name of the enterprise server instance as a prefix in the filenames of these files, set MFFTP_PREFIX to Y. This helps make the files unique if several enterprise server instances are sharing the same MFFTP_TEMP_DIR location.

To keep these files after the end of the task for documentation, debugging or other purposes, optionally set the environment variable MFFTP_KEEP.