To Enable Dynamic Debugging

The project that you use must be configured for debugging, and the region must be started and running.

As an alternative to configuring a region's definition file for debugging, you can enable a running region dynamically for debugging.

If the region is not configured for dynamic debugging, and you start a debug session against the region, you will be prompted to allow Visual Studio to enable dynamic debugging on your behalf. The popup behaviour can be modified in the Micro Focus Enterprise Server option in the Tools/Options dialogs.

  1. Ensure that the region is running.
  2. In the Enterprise Server for .NET user interface, choose SEE Administration > Regions.
  3. In the regions list, select the region for which you want to enable dynamic debugging, then select Dynamic Debugging in the Actions pane.

    The Dynamic Debugging status displays in the Results pane. The display lists any active debugging sessions operating for the region.

  4. In the Results pane, click Enable.

    Dynamic debugging is enabled for the region, and the button caption changes to Disable.

To disable dynamic debugging for the region, click Disable.