Program Aliasing

Enterprise Server for .NET provides support for the most commonly used IBM batch utilities. For each supported utility, Enterprise Server for .NET provides a corresponding program (an alias) that emulates the utility's functionality. The aliases used by a region are defined in the region start-up file. The Enterprise Server for .NET Administration UI is used to view these definitions. You can add additional entries to this list, or change existing entries so that your own programs are used instead of the Enterprise Server for .NET defaults.

The Enterprise Server for .NET Administration UI also provides the Program Aliases view to allow you to see what program aliases are in effect for a region in a running system. From this view, you can add, modify or delete entries, but you should do so with extreme caution as the behavior of your batch applications could be adversely affected.
Note: Changes to entries in the Program Aliases view are preserved across region warm-starts, but will be lost when the region is cold-started unless you have made the corresponding changes to the region start-up file.