To Set The Artifact Location and Search Order

You need either the artifact location URLs or network drive and path details for this task.

This procedure sets the locations used by CICS applications to search for data files, map files, and programs deployed on disk or in a database.
  1. Open the region startup file in the Enterprise Server for .NET region startup editor.
  2. From the Tree pane, select Region > CICS > Locations.

    The Application VSAM File Paths, Application Map Paths, and Application Program Paths items appear.

  3. Right-click the item you want and choose Add.

    A menu lists available location types:

    • For Application Data File Paths, the only valid location types are disk and database folder locations. For example:
      • c:/project/bin/debug
      • sql://(dbinst)/VSAM/?folder=FOLDER1;type=folder
      • c:/test/files
    • For Application Map Paths and Application Program Paths, valid location types are:
      • Folder Location (local disk or database folders)
      • Region Database Location
      • Cross-region Database Location
      • Custom Database Location
    Note: For VSAM files, the only valid location type is a disk or database folder Location. For VSAM files deployed to a user-defined database, configure the data store name in the resource definition's FCT.
  4. Select the location type, then configure the location in the dialog box.

    The configured path or URL is added to the locations list in the Results pane.

  5. In the Results pane, drag and drop the location items to configure the search order that you want.
  6. Save the Region startup file, and cold start the region.

    The CICS application now uses the locations and search order that you set when it searches for program or map files to use.