Configuring ASSIGN and INQUIRE Override Values

Edit the region's startup file to configure an ASSIGN or INQUIRE override value. The default region startup file, Region_ESDEMO.config is installed to:

%ProgramData%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\5.0\SEE\config.

You set override values using an XML add element. You set the override in a specific configuration section in the region's startup file depending on the type. The optional sections you can create are:

  • <cicsAssign>

    Use this section to configure ASSIGN override values.

  • <cicsInquireFile>

    Use this section to configure INQUIRE FILE override values.

  • <cicsInquireProgram>

    Use this section to configure INQUIRE PROGRAM override values.

You can add these sections anywhere in the region element of the region startup file.

Override Values

You can specify the override values to correspond to the type of data returned by the option. The available types are as follows:

A value of 0 to n characters. The value is padded on the right with spaces if necessary. Values that are too long are truncated.

<add key="Abprogram" value="TESTCFG"/>


A string of pairs of hexadecimal digits, to represent n bytes. The string can be prefixed with x, X, h, or H and quoted with single or double-quote characters; or it can be unquoted and prefixed with 0x. There must be an even number of digits. If there are fewer than 2n digits, the value is padded with zeroes, and if there are more, the value is truncated.

Note: The double-quote character must be escaped in XML using the entity reference &quot, so single quotes are more convenient.

<add key="Aplkybd" value="H'ff'"/>

<add key="ASRAINTRPT" value="x'0001020304050607'"/>

<add key="color" value="0xFF"/>

An integer value in the appropriate range. See the IBM documents listed below for information on the ranges of integer-valued options. The value can be specified as a decimal number, or as a hexadecimal number using the same syntax as for a Hex-n item.

<add key="MAPCOLUMN" value="12"/>

<add key="pagenum" value="0x2a"/>

CVDA (CICS Value Data Area)

CVDA items can be specified as an integer value, using the Int syntax, but it is usually more convenient to specify them using the CVDA value name detailed in the IBM documentation.

CVDA names are converted to their associated values and returned to the calling program. They are case-insensitive in the configuration file. Note that the implementation does not check that a CVDA value is appropriate for the option in question.


<add key="AccessMethod" value="0x04"/> (corresponds to REMOTE)

<add key="BlockFormat" value="Unblocked"/>

<add key="exclusive" value="EXCTL"/>

See the current versions of the IBM documents SC34-6232, CICS Application Programming Reference, and SC34-6233, CICS System Programming Reference, for more information on options for ASSIGN, INQUIRE FILE, and INQUIRE PROGRAM. The System Programming Reference also has a complete listing of CVDA values.


   <region name="CVTEST" ...>
      <server name="(local)" />
    <!-- Optional overrides for CICS ASSIGN and INQUIRE API values --> 
      <add key="AbDump" value="h'ab'"/>
      <add key="Btrans" value="X'ff'"/>
      <add key="disposition" value="old"/>
      <add key="cedfstatus" value="cedf"/>