To Import Existing Project Components

Use this procedure to import existing application components into your Enterprise Server for .NET project.
  1. From the Project menu, choose Add Existing Item.
  2. Use the Browse dialog box to locate and select the source files to add. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple files, and the Shift key to select ranges of files.
  3. From the Add button list, select how you want to add the files:
    • Select Add to create copies of the files in your project folder.
    • Select Add As Link to create links to the files in your project folder.

      If source files are added as links to a native Enterprise Server project location, any changes made to the files apply to both the native and managed code projects. If the source files are copied into the managed code MSS project folder, changes apply only to the managed code MSS project.

  4. Click Add to add the files to your project. The files are added to your project and are ready for use. The process scans each file, and determines characteristics such as the COBOL dialect. The properties the scan process detects are set as the file-level properties.