Cannot start tasks or trigger transactions

CICS tasks scheduled to start using the START API, or TDQ triggered transactions, fail to start.

Possible Causes and Resolutions

This problem typically occurs if SQL Server Service Broker has been disabled for the region and/or cross-region database. Enterprise Server for .NET will detect whether SQL Server Service Broker has been disabled for either of these databases during region start up processing and will attempt to re-enable it. However, re-enablement will only succeed if no other connections to these database exist. A warning message will be output to the system console and an event written to the Windows event log if re-enablement fails.

SQL Server Service Broker can be re-enabled manually by doing the following:
  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Connect to the database server instance where the region and/or cross-region database resides
  3. Select the database in Object Explorer and right-click on Properties

    This will display the Database Properties dialog

  4. Select the Options page and then set the Broker Enabled property to True

    Click on OK to save the change