To Display Region Details in SCOM

You must have registered the machines running the monitored regions with the central SCOM server.
Use this procedure to select a region to monitor and to display details of the tasks that the region is running.
  1. On the SCOM Server, start SCOM.
  2. In the SCOM Tree pane, select Discover Inventory.

    A list of the regions operating on machines being monitored displays in the Results pane.

  3. Right-click on the region to be monitored and choose Change target type. The Select Items to Target dialog box appears.
  4. In the Look for field, type CICS Region and click OK.

    A list of the regions operating on the machine displays.

  5. Select the region to monitor to display it.

    A diagram of running SEPs displays. At the bottom of the display, information relating to the SEP displays.

  6. Select a SEP to display details of the processes that are running in the SEP.