Azure Deployment : Azure Drives View


An azure drive is a virtual hard drive (VHD) that is stored in an azure storage account, and is mounted as a network shared drive by the worker roles. This enables shared artifacts to be used from an azure drive, e.g, transaction programs, data files etc.

If you don't need to use an azure drive, delete any existing rows in the table.

If the specified VHD does not exist in azure storage, one is created automatically and used.

Click the Add Drive icon to add an azure drive

To delete a drive, click the Delete icon to the left of the row.

For each azure drive, the following needs to be configured.
Drive Letter
The windows file system drive letter to be associated with this drive. The worker roles will allocate a network drive with this letter.
VHD file
The name of the VHD file to be used for this drive.
Drive Size
The size of the drive in MB.
User ID
The user ID that is used by the worker role to access this drive.
The password that is used by the worker role to access this drive.