Azure Deployment : Endpoints View


An endpoint in Azure describes a network connection and its characteristics.

Click Add Endpoint to add an endpoint, or to delete an endpoint click the Delete icon to the left of the row.

For each endpoint, the following needs to be configured:
A unique name for the external endpoint.
When creating a new deployment, the endpoints for the Micro Focus system are pre-defined. They are prefixed by MicroFocus.SEE and their settings should not be changed unless you absolutely understand what you are doing.
Input is a port that is defined to be accessible externally, and is load balanced.
Internal is a port that is useable internally, and is not available for public use. It is not load balanced by Azure.
The protocol associated with the port. This is normally set to TCP.
Public Port
The number of the port that is external/publicly available. If the port type is internal, this field cannot be set.
Private Port
The number of the port that is used internally. If set to 0, the same port number as the public port will be used.