Specifying Control Variables in Enterprise Server for .NET

You set control variables for MFFTP in an Enterprise Server for .NET JES region as follows:

  1. Create and catalog a dataset called FTP.DATA that contains the control variables global to the region. An example is provided in the example given in Running MFFTP.

You can use an optional ENVVAR DD statement to specify control variable values. You add this in the JCL STEP that runs MFFTP. This can be a physical dataset or instream data, as in the example given in Running MFFTP. The advantage of using this approach is that the values pertain only to the current execution and override any values set within Enterprise Server Administration.

For example - set MFFTP_KEEP to ā€˜Nā€™ in the Enterprise Server Administration. When the files are required to diagnose an issue you can keep the files by adding the following DD entry in the JCL step: