To Monitor the Tasks Running in a Region

The region must be started before monitoring tasks in the region.
Use the following procedure to view the statistics for tasks running in a region.
  1. In the Tree pane under Regions, select the region that you want to monitor.
  2. In the Actions pane, select Monitor.

    The Monitor Region area displays in the Results pane.

  3. In the Monitor Hosts list, select the machine to monitor.

    If a region is operating over multiple machines, use this option to monitor tasks region-wide, or only those tasks running on a particular machine.

    The display changes to reflect the specified settings.

    The list view displays a list of all running tasks. Selecting one of the tasks displays more detailed information about the task in the properties window. Right-click on a task and use the context menu to stop the task.

  4. Click Refresh at the bottom right of the display to update the list of tasks that are running.