Azure Deployment : Database Connection Strings View


The connections to the various database tables used by the region are configured here. These connection strings are put into the azure package, and are also appended to the machine.config so access to the databases can be done from the command line tooling.

Click Add to add a new database connection string, or the Delete icon next to the row to delete a connection string.

Each connection string requires the following fields:
The database name.
In basic edit mode, this just consists of the database name.
In advanced mode, the full connection syntax is displayed. The $(DbInstance) variable is autoexpanded during the publish step to include the configuration from the Global Configuration view.
In advanced mode only.
Contains the full connection configuration string required to connect to the database.

The connection string is similar to the following:

                User ID=[username]@[servername];
  • [servername] is the name of your SQL Azure database server (for example iwek9v4j6a).
  • [username] is your SQL Azure user name and [userpassword] is your SQL Azure password.

The connection string for each of your SQL Azure databases has the same format, but with master replaced by the appropriate database name.