Catalog View

To locate this screen

  1. In the Tree pane, under SEE Administration, select Regions, and select a JES region whose Catalog you wish to view.
  2. In the Actions pane, select Catalog.


The Catalog view allows you to examine the catalog for the selected JES region.

When you select a data-set in the Catalog view:
  • You can right-click and choose to edit the data-set properties or delete it.
  • You can view non-cataloged datasets in the region by un-checking Cataloged Only at the top of the Catalog View.
  • You can allocate a new dataset by clicking the Allocate icon at the top of the Catalog view.

    Once the job is selected in the Spool panel, its associated spool output is displayed in the Output panel.

  • Selecting a Spool output record and right-clicking allows you to either Open for view, or delete the associated Spool record.
  • When viewing, the Spool output is opened and displayed in the File Viewer panel at the bottom.

Each of the Catalog, Properties and File Viewer panels can be undocked and displayed elsewhere ( e.g. on another monitor). To detach, grab the Panels top bar and drag to a new location.

To re-dock, drag the panel back onto the administration tool; it will present you with locations to dock.

To reset the panels to default locations, select View > Clock Reset Windows layout.